Spring Class Enrollment

wk 1

wk 2

wk 3 

wk 4 
Distortions, In Camera correction, post correction, multi photo merge
Leveling, practice
Composition rule 3: leading lines. Z lines, Curves, Triangle & reverse Triangle
wk 5 
End output, Perspective, Focal length. Foreground, background. 
Optimal, sharpness, contrast, warm & cold tones.
Post processing: transform, local adjustments. Linear Adjust, Radial Adjust
Composition rule 4: point of interest, negative space
wk 6
Manual exposure, different time frames, time lapse, batch processing
Automation, creative photography
Composition rule 5:   Foreground, Background, Weight of objects
Subject manipulation, sharpening, fuzziness, leading viewers

Deeper understanding of Aperture, DoF, Focus Assist
ISO Invariance, lighting, Signal to Noise
Basic Color Theory, Color Temperature, White Balance, Color Space .

Landscape Composition rule 1 Golden Ratio

Bracket Exposure: theory setting. Histogram
Camera: Set up the keys, remote shutter control
Post processing: Photoshop, adjustment, layers, masking.

Long exposure, noise, what is it ? Camera shake, stabilization, Monitor / Viewfinder
Composition rule 2: rule of third, 
Cleaning up, Cropping, multi layers. 

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