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Deeper understanding of Aperture, DoF, Focus Assist
ISO Invariance, lighting, Signal to Noise
Basic Color Theory, Color Temperature, White Balance, Color Space .

Landscape Composition rule 1 Golden Ratio

Bracket Exposure: theory setting. Histogram
Camera: Set up the keys, remote shutter control
Post processing: Photoshop, adjustment, layers, masking.

Long exposure, noise, what is it ? Camera shake, stabilization, Monitor / Viewfinder
Composition rule 2: rule of third, 
Cleaning up, Cropping, multi layers. 

Distortions, In Camera correction, post correction, multi photo merge
Leveling, practice,Composition rule 3: leading lines. Z lines, Curves, Triangle & reverse Triangle.

End output, Perspective, Focal length. Foreground, background. 
Optimal, sharpness, contrast, warm & cold tones.
Post processing: transform, local adjustments. Linear Adjust, Radial Adjust
Composition rule 4: point of interest, negative space.

Manual exposure, different time frames, time lapse, batch processing
Automation, creative photography
Composition rule 5:   Foreground, Background, Weight of objects
Subject manipulation, sharpening, fuzziness, leading viewers.

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